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The Company

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Homegrown Biotech nursery spreads across 70 acres of fertile slopes on the banks of River Manimalayar in Vizhikkathod village in Kanjirappally, Kerala. One of the largest plant production nurseries in South India, Homegrown has the biggest collection of Southeast Asian fruit trees in its mother farm in Kanjirappally.

Homegrown Biotech is engaged in the research, cultivation and development of exotic varieties of tropical fruit trees that can grow and flourish in the Indian climate. These acclimatized, valued-added varieties guarantee higher yield and show better resistance to pests and diseases that would have otherwise affected these fruit trees, especially in the Indian climate. Added to these qualities are advantages such as longer life-span and easier maintenance.

Homegrown biotech was promoted two decades ago by a team of three enterprising planters, all hailing from the well known "Kondooparampil" family based in Kanjirappally, with generations of experience in farming as an occupation.

Granted, money doesn’t grow on trees, but how about growing trees profitably?

The Management

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A qualified CA, Renny is an entrepreneur with extensive experience, with specific focus on agribusiness. He is the chairman of India Cocoa Group, which is primarily engaged in the procurement and processing of cocoa beans for Cadbury India for the last 25 years. Renny looks after the finance, administration & information systems of the organization.

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Passion for exotic fruits has taken Jose in search of new horizons in the field of horticulture. He has been steering Homegrown Biotech successfully for the past two decades and is constantly on the lookout for crops conducive to our region. He has set up three research farms to help constant monitoring and evolution of best practices in crop management.

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As a well accomplished entrepreneur, Jojo has strived hard to meet the land and property development needs of the firm, and enjoy the tasks and challenges of expanding the business to new geographies. Jojo's extensive experience in asset development assures sustainability and growth in the company’s production infrastructure.

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Having spent many years of research in the diverse fields of Botany and Agriculture in India and abroad, Dr. George now focuses on developing production technology of exotic fruits at Homegrown Biotech. His contribution to tissue culture, reproductive biology and genetic transformation of crop plants are well recognized and widely cited.


Nursery Manager

Shyju oversees the complex operations of production of various planting materials, ensuring that the best possible microclimate and care are provided for plants in their different stages of development so that they meet the highest standards. A tropical fruit enthusiast, he is a wonderful team leader and manages a team of 80 workers and staff at the mother farm.

Vision & Mission

homegrown biotech vision and mission


Homegrown Biotech aims at becoming the leading biotech company in the country, exploring newer and more sustainable and profitable possibilities of fruit farming, and converting tropical India into the fruit basket of the world.


Homegrown Biotech is committed to leverage its resources, know-how and experience for developing new, value-added, exotic varieties of tropical fruit trees with a view to providing more profitable opportunities to the existing farming communities as well as to those who are aspiring to enter the exciting arena of commercial farming.

Research & Development

Homegrown Biotech, having proved for themselves that many of the tropical fruits of Southeast Asian origin can be cultivated profitably in the Indian soil, is investing a great deal of effort and resources into active research. Research is not only on acclimatization of these fruit trees to the Indian geographical conditions, but also on inventing new and improved varieties of the fruits.

Over the past two decades of extensive research, Homegrown Biotech has introduced into the farming sector new varieties of tropical fruits that give higher yield and better quality fruits. These trees are healthier, being resistant to pests and diseases, which they could otherwise have been prone to in the Indian soil and climatic conditions. These fruit crops also have a long life-span and are easy to grow and maintain. Homegrown Biotech develops and sells seedlings and budlings as well as fully grown trees in fibre-glass containers. However, in addition to supplying planting materials, the company also imparts knowhow to the customers on all aspects of cultivation, including planting, watering, pruning, nurturing, etc. The customers are educated on the different manures, fertilizers and pesticides to be used during various growth phases of the trees.
And, of course, good seed makes a good crop, if well looked after.

The Customers

Homegrown Biotech currently caters to three categories of customers –Homesteads, Farmers and Nurseries, and Institutions.

Homegrown Biotech has identified and evolved fruit varieties that are suitable for home gardens as well as those for farms and nurseries. The customers are educated on the most efficient and effective farming techniques. Homegrown Biotech also supports corporations and other institutions in their green initiatives. We currently market through 300 resellers spread across Kerala and exclusive company-owned depots located in Thiruvalla, Kanjirapally and Adimali.

Our exotic fruit varieties and improved farming techniques can help create new sustainable and successful agricultural revenue streams.


If gardening is your passion, then a visit to the Homegrown Biotech nursery is just what you need. We have developed wonderful varieties of tropical fruits of Southeast Asian origin that can be easily grown in your home gardens.

Benefits of having a tropical fruit garden in your backyard are many. There’s nothing more satisfying than serving your dear ones with fresh fruit plucked straight from your own garden. You can be sure they are healthy and free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals. They are plucked at the right time and they ripen naturally. What’s more, you are creating a profitable back-yard business. The fruit garden will do wonders to your home landscape. Considering that your garden can also be a source of income, this can be turned into a delightful work-from-home option – a profession which keeps you outdoors and has an in-built exercise and fitness regime.

Having your own fruit farm involves a series of activities right from deciding on which fruit trees to grow to planting, watering, pruning and nurturing them to finally waiting for the harvest. The whole process is delightful and enjoyable – provided you know the root from the branch of fruit farming.

Homegrown Biotech provides planting materials which may be seedlings, budlings or fully grown trees so you don’t need to wait for years to see the fruits of your labour of love. What’s more, we also guide you on how to plant and grow them successfully!

Pamper and prune with love, trees stand by you forever.

Some fruit varieties recommended for home gardens are HG Marang, Pulasan P15, HG Dang Suriya, Longan and Jaboticaba.

HG Marang

Pulasan P15

HG Dang Suriya




rambutan farming kerala Commercial fruit farming – an idea that Homegrown Biotech sowed two decades ago has come of age. We have proved that fruit farming is now not just viable but also profitable.

Fruits are generally higher priced than all other farm produce. However, farmers are hesitant to be engaged in fruit farming. This is because of the lack of knowhow about which fruits would suit their soil conditions, the unpredictability of a good harvest, the ignorance as regards the correct techniques of farming, etc.

Homegrown Biotech has developed fruit varieties and farming techniques which do away with almost all of these problems. The fruits are improved varieties of tropical fruits of Southeast Asian origin which are tasty and in great demand. They are acclimatized to the Indian conditions of soil and climate. They are of high quality, give a high yield and have a long lifespan. Once grown, the trees need minimal attention and care, and they give a good harvest consistently. Moreover, these trees are less prone to diseases and pests compared to other varieties available.

Homegrown Biotech offers not only suitable planting materials, but also support, guidance and sufficient information on how to plant, grow and nurture them. The farmers and nursery owners are also given tips on easy and effective maintenance of the trees. In fact, fruit farming had never been this simple, easy and predictable.

Sow them right. Grow them right. Enjoy the harvest.

The fruit varieties recommended for farms and nurseries are Rambutan N18, Rambutan King, Cempadak, HG Sultan Durian and Mangosteen K100.

rambutan n18

Rambutan N18

Rambutan e35

Rambutan E35

bud cempedak homegrown


homegrown musang king durian bud

HG Sultan Durian

k100 mangosteen homegrown

Mangosteen K100


corporate planting Homegrown Biotech presents a unique idea to corporations for their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Here’s your chance to fulfill your responsibility to the society and the environment. Add a dash of green to the dull, grey urban landscape.

The tropical fruit trees developed by Homegrown Biotech can play an important role in the green initiatives undertaken by corporations and other institutions. Tropical fruit trees with their rich foliage and fruits in various shapes and hues are ideal for landscape architecture and roadside plantings. They provide shade, filter the air and condition the soil. Planting trees can lower the rising temperatures in the urban areas and help counter increasing pollution. Tropical fruit trees can also help in social forestry through afforestation of barren lands. This can to some extent reduce the effects of carbon footprints left by the urban population.

In its urgency to attain economic growth, India has given rise to cities, which are concentrated concrete jungles, leading to serious environmental issues and adverse climate changes. Urban agriculture will help conserve the urban ecology. Disposal of the urban organic waste finds a new solution, as it can be turned into manure for urban farming. Moreover, tropical fruit trees will enhance the urban landscape. Trees will clean the air and cool the streets of the city. This will make the cities more liveable.

Plant more trees, for your city is only as clean as it’s green.