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Mother Farm

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Home Grown Biotech has invested a great deal of resources into developing new techniques of farming and creating new varieties of fruits to render fruit farming profitable. What is more remarkable is the effort the company takes in extending support to not only the farming communities but also the scientists and students of horticulture and agriculture who approach them for gaining more insight into commercial fruit farming. Representatives from Homegrown Biotech also attend national and international seminars and conferences to impart and gain more knowledge in the science and art of fruit farming.

The mother farm spreads across 23 acres of land on the banks of Manimalayar in Vizhikkathod village in the Kanjirappally district of Kerala. Budlings and seedlings of more than 20 varieties of native and non-native tropical fruits are developed in the mother farm. Homegrown Biotech gives training in efficient and effective farming of tropical fruits to farmers who visit the farm under the initiative of the Department of Agriculture through Krishi Bhavans and various other agencies.

With support and guidance from the National Horticulture Board, the State Horticulture Mission and the Department of Agriculture, Homegrown Biotech has made a major headway into commercial fruit farming. Their achievements have been recognized across the country. Today Homegrown Biotech is a familiar name for agriculturists across the various states.

Home Grown Biotech has been recognized as a role model in developing newer, healthier and more effective varieties of fruits and farming techniques, and making them available to all those who are engaged in farming, both out of interest and as an occupation, across the country.

Our Outlets

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Home Grown Biotech has a well-facilitated Research and Development Department which is constantly and consistently working to develop newer and better varieties of fruits and techniques of farming. More than 20 varieties of native and non-native tropical fruits have been developed by Homegrown Biotech to date. In addition to the mother farm, budlings and seedlings of these fruit trees have been made available at various outlets across the state.

Home Grown Biotech has more than 300 resellers supplying their products across Kerala, of which around two-thirds are located in Mannuthy in Thrissur district. These resellers cater to a vast majority of the existing customers.

Homegrown Biotech has its own exclusive depots at Thiruvalla, Kanjirappally and Adimali. These depots supply to a number of resellers in the adjacent markets. Moreover, there are individual customers who visit these depots and make direct purchases.

In addition to supplying planting materials through the depots and resellers, Homegrown Biotech takes considerable effort to organize fruit farmers’ societies and clusters in the various districts, and to visit them to spread awareness on optimum farming techniques.

Home Grown Biotech proposes to widen its network of resellers and establish more depots in view of making planting materials more easily available to the farming community within and outside the state.