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Green Ideas

Developing tropical fruit gardens is an amazing concept that can play a vital role in improving our personal and public space. This would help create a more ecological environment with a healthier diversity. A garden or an orchard can fulfill human needs in several ways. It can be a place for relaxation. How a farm is set in the landscape will be a personal expression of aesthetic taste and ambience. A farm can give one the feel of being close with nature. A stroll through the fruit garden would be a natural stress buster. The garden would add to the food security of the region. Above all, there is also the economic importance of growing tropical fruit trees.

Homegrown Biotech offers fruit trees of high quality which are easy to plant and nurture. What’s more, we also provide support and training in sustainable farming techniques.


exotic plants supplier Exotic tropical fruit farms on hotel grounds and resorts – a unique concept which would be an added attraction for guests and tourists. The gardens would give the feel of an extended outdoor living area. Bigger orchards and farms would provide guests with opportunities for nature walks and interesting observations into nature. With a relaxed stroll or a fun exploration of the garden, visitors would get the feeling of being close to nature. Learning about the tropical fruits and how they are grown and harvested would make their stay interesting and informative.

Tropical fruits have a high demand and a good market. So for the resort owners, maintaining tropical fruit farms can be lucrative too. It can help improve the biodiversity of the region surrounding the resort and thus conserve the ecology of the environment.

Homegrown Biotech supplies planting materials of more than 20 varieties of native and non-native tropical fruit trees. The materials are of good quality and high yield, and are resistant to the common pests and diseases. Maintaining the trees is easy, as they do not demand a great deal of care and attention. We also provide our customers with adequate knowhow on efficient techniques of farming.


Landscaping Homegrown Biotech has developed improved varieties of Southeast Asian tropical fruits that can flourish in the Indian conditions of soil and climate. These fruits not only have exotic tastes, they are exclusive in their appearance with unique shapes, sizes and colours. The trees are tropical evergreens which have thick foliage. An orchard of these tropical fruit trees is nothing less than a feast for the eye. The thick growth of trees and the fascinating fruits will enhance the ambience of any landscape. They will help balance the ecology of the environment and improve its biodiversity.

Homegrown Biotech has developed an exciting variety of tropical fruits. We provide customers with planting materials as well as the knowhow for successful farming. The trees give high-quality fruits and are easy to maintain. While the care and attention the farms require would be very minimal, the return from the farms would be high. So all things considered, using our tropical fruit trees for landscaping would be more of an investment than a luxury.
There are trees that are appropriate for home gardening as well as those that are suitable for commercial farming. Trees can be selected to suit various kinds of landscapes. They will enhance not only the ambience but also the return on investment.

Gifting Trees

plant gifting Trees have always been considered as the noblest of gifts.By gifting a tree to a poor man, you are gifting him a living. An individual who receives a tree as a gift is receiving a companion for almost an entire lifetime. Homegrown Biotech has evolved many varieties of tropical fruits. They are easy to grow and give high yield, and so they make the best of gifts.

Unlike any other gift, a tree is a gift that grows and gives returns to the owner in the form of fruits and money. By gifting a tree, you are spreading a culture of sustainability. You are setting an example for the society. The receiver of the gift gets a chance to get close with nature and enjoy the experience of bringing up a tree, so that he will be encouraged to plant more and more trees. By gifting a tree you are doing your bit to pay back to the community and the environment.

Seize every opportunity to gift a tree and you will be a role model to the community. You will be setting a new tradition of giving positive and responsible gifts. You will be planting a better future for the society you live in.