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Marang – the appetizing fruit

Marang is cultivated across the tropical regions of Southern Philippines, and in some states of Malaysia and Indonesia.

The fruit is round/oblong with closely spaced soft spines that resemble Velcro. The skin is extremely soft when ripe, and can be opened with gentle pressure. The colour of the rind is typically green, which gradually turns brownish yellow upon ripening. An average sized Marang weighs around 1 kilo, and bigger fruits can be as heavy as 3 kg. The inside of the fruit is creamy white in colour. When ripe, its flesh is very soft and juicy, its smooth texture often being likened to ‘pork fat.’ The fruit is extremely sweet, with a flavour similar to that of ripe banana and custard apple. The fruit upon ripening emits strong odor
Marang, when ripe, cannot be stored for long and should be eaten within a few hours of plucking it. However, marang can be plucked before it’s fully ripe and stored for a short while till it ripens. Marang can be used to make jam, marmalade, candy and juice. The seeds of the fruit, when washed, dried and roasted, make an excellent snack.

Marang tree thrives in tropical rainy climates with high humidity round the year.
The three different varieties of Marang are Marang (Tarap), Buah Tarap (Pedalai) and Mountain Tarap (Pingan).

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