Durian 101 d168
Durian 101 d168

Durian 101

Flesh colour : deep yellow / Shape : oblong / Weight : 1-2 kg / Taste : sweet / Shelf life : medium / Fruit Season : February –June / Tree Height : 40 ft / Canopy : semi-Spreading / Flower : bisexual.
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  • Maintenance
    full sunshine.
    22-38 degree C
    0-2000 Ft
    Plains and low gradient slopes.
    1500-2500 mm.
    Planting space
    25 x 25 ft.

    Pest and diseases

    Training & Pruning : In a durian orchard, during the first few years after planting in the field, the young durian trees are pruned or trained by removing vertical branches. Branching with angles between 600C to 900 are retained and rest are removed. Pruning dominant upright branches to maintain one central leader and a well-balanced canopy is essential to establish a strong tree structure for maximum fruit production.

    Maturity Signs : Fruits of this age show a very distinct abscission suture between the peduncle and pedicel. When tapped, the fruit emits a hollow sound. Likewise, there is perceptible aroma emitted when fruit is smelled. The spines are pliable when bent and the pericarp shows perceptible change from a dark tone to lighter one

    Irrigation Ensure proper irrigation to both Juvenile, young and mature plants in the absence of rain.

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