Homegrown Biotech has several years of research expertise and experience in introducing commercially viable tropical rainforest fruits of Southeast Asia, South America and other tropical regions of the world. Research is not only on developing new and improved varieties of the fruits but also on acclimatization of these fruit trees to the Indian geographical conditions.

Over the past two decades of extensive research, Homegrown Biotech has introduced improved varieties of tropical fruit plants that are high yielding, premium quality and resistant to pests and diseases. R & D team develops and updates specific Package of Practices (POP) for each product and extends them to our farmers. R&D also attends to issues at farm level on a real time basis as field extension activities.

Research Team Activities


An initiative to come up with effective growing media, R&D currently generates over 1200 metric tonnes of nutritionally-balanced and enriched compost annually. The compost is enriched with active bio-agents, diverse composition of manures and agri-based aggregates and fillers to ensure proper root-establishment, drainage, and vigour of the plant.


We have acquired an ICAR-IIHR, bio-agency license - Arka Microbial Consortium (AMC, Bio NPK).Besides this, we also produce Trichoderma (Bio-fungicide) at our R & D facility and transfer the above to our nursery to ensure crop vigour and disease-free environment. They are most efficient antagonistic bio-agents of plant diseases, producers of biologically active metabolites, elicitors and inducers of systemic resistance. These applications at nurseries reflect on the field establishment of plants.


R&D has developed and formulated specific soilless media that is lighter, well-aerated and having good water-retention capacity for the purpose of export and long-distance transportation while maintaining phyto sanitary standards.


We have maintained well established progeny orchards that are disease-free from which scion material for our nursery production is sourced. Each of our commercial products has a designated research plot to enable regular assessment and analysis of plant performance.


As an extension activity of R&D, we offer internships to Agri-based UG and PG students from various colleges. We also offer farmers periodic seminars and social-media coverage on topics such as:
- Scope and importance of fruits
- Modern approaches in fruit cultivation
- Various diseases and their remedies
- Pre and post-harvest management practices for each crop


R&D also develops standardized disease free potting media that gives better establishment of the planting materials. This ensures establishing productive and sustainable fruit orchards among our fruit growers.

Research Journeys


Our Research team visits various part of the world having similar geographical / climatic conditions to analyse the scope of newer species and varieties that are suitable for our area.


Regular research journeys are undertaken to understand latest techniques, integrated and sustainable farming of tropical fruits addressing climatic changes, soil health, newer diseases and pests and cultural practices.

Research Blog

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