musang king durian
King of Durian
durian king musang
musang king durian
durian king musang

Durian Musang King

Reputed as the king of all durian varieties, Musang King meets with the highest customer demand from China, Malaysia and Singapore. With an average moderate weight for each fruit at 1.5-2 kilograms, MusangKing is classified small or medium among Durians. The fruits are can round or slightly elongated in shape, maintaining its own its own identity. Thorns are very singular in that they all have pyramid shape. A star shaped mark at the hind portion dividing the fruit into five segments is also unique to this variety. Clear yellow colour for the fleshy part, less moist pith with the high recovery rate and 38 degree Brix sweetness make this variety highly endearing.
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Planting material
Budded Plants
Planting method
Raised bed or terrace farming (Slopes)
Pit size
3x3x3 ft
Canopy width
30 ft
Canopy height
35 ft
May - June
Ideal location
Plains and highlands

Ideal growing conditions

22-35 degree C
2500 mm
Relative humidity
 70% RH
Soil pH
5.5 to 6.5
Soil type
well drained sandy loam and laterite soil
20 to 900 m AMSL
Shade tolerance
very low

Pest and diseases

Phytophthora: Use Ridomil(20gm/L)/ solarise affected roots and give booster dose of fertilizer to rejuvenate

Rhizoctonia: Application of lime during rainy seasons and copper-based fungicide during summer to control issue.

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