jack pathamuttam
Kerala Red Jack
pathamuttam jack fruit
Red Jack of Kerla
Kerala Red Jack
Kerala Red Jack
jack pathamuttam
pathamuttam jack fruit
Kerala Red Jack

Jack Pathamuttam

Flake Colour : Orangish Red / Weight : 15-20 kg / Taste : sweet / Spacing : 20 x 20 ft / Tree Height : 20 + ft / Fruit Type : Multiple Fruit / Canopy : semi spreading
  • Plant Size :
  • Price :300
  • Fruiting Time : 4+ Yrs
  • Quantity :
Total: 300
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Available only at mother farm, Courier not available. Vizhikathod ,Kanjirapally -686518 Ph:8113966600

Planting distance: Planting may be done giving 20 feet each between rows and plants. It has been found that this variety grows up to a meagre 20+ feet in height and to a canopy diameter of just 15 feet. That is the reason why planting is possible so close and compact.

How to plant: Take a pit of 2 feet depth for transplanting the budded plant from the nursery bag in which it is kept. The pit has to be taken in such a way that it measures 2 feet square at the ground level . Mix the soil excavated while taking the pit with five kilograms dried cow dung, one kilogram each of neem cake and Rajphos and fill the pit using this mixture. Heap up soil above the ground level of the pit as a mound . Dig a small planting pit more or less of the same size as the poly bag, in the center of the mound and insert the planting material along with the soil mass into this small pit. Make sure that the bud joint remains 1.5 inches above the soil level while planting.

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