moovandan mango
start bearing in the third year
moovandan mango

Mango Moovandan

This variety is believed to have originated in Idukki District of Kerala. Even seedlings of this variety start bearing in the third year of planting, hence came the name ‘Moovandan’ meaning ‘third year’. It is generally a favorite in Kerala and each fruit weighs around 250 grams. Though the flesh is firm, fibrous and tangy it is liked by all.
  • Plant Size :
  • Price :350
  • Fruiting Time : 3rd year
  • Quantity :
Total: 350
Currently out of stock
May available at mother farm, Vizhikathod ,Kanjirapally -686518 Ph:8113966600

Planting space 
25 x25 ft.
Sunlight requirement
full sunshine
Irrigation requirements
Soil type
well drained Laterite soil
22 to 40 degree c
Relative humidity
0 to 2000 ft
500 -2000 mm
Plains & low gradient slopes
Training & Pruning
Annual pruning helps maintain the tree architecture (Umbrella – shaped canopy)

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