Sapota Chikku thai bananna homegrown biotech
Thailand Banana Sapota
sapota homegrown thailand
Banana Sapota
long sapota
long sapota
thailand chikoo
Thailand Chikoo
Sapota Chikku thai bananna homegrown biotech
sapota homegrown thailand
long sapota
thailand chikoo

Sapota Thai Banana

Botanical Name : Manilkarazapota / Origin : Tropical America / Planting material : vegetatively propagated / Fruit Type : berry / Size : 150-200g / Shape : oblong / Colour : rind - light brown / Flesh colour : dark brown / Taste : The pulp is gritty, granular and sweet./ Shelf life : medium / Fruit season : more than one season.
  • Plant Size :
  • Price :300
  • Fruiting Time : 3+ yrs
  • Quantity :
Total: 300

Sunlight requirement 
full sunshine
Irrigate once in 5-6 days
Soil type
 Suitable for all types of soil
22-38 degree C
Relative humidity
0 to 2000ft
750- 2000 mm
Plains, low lands and low gradient slopes
Planting space
25x25 ft

Maturity Signs : A mature fruit is dull brown in colour and the colour immediately below the skin when scratched is of lighter shade, while in the immature fruits it is green. For better fruit set and yield, planting of more than one variety or tree is advocated.

Training and pruning : The plants should be trained properly up to 3-4 years. The lower most branches up to a height of 60cm to 1 m should be removed.

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