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Native to the Bolivian regions of Amazon jungles, Achachairu is a close relative of Mangosteen. It is an evergreen tree with a beautiful pyramidal canopy, excellent for landscaping needs. The tree is fast growing and a prolific bearer. The edible white flesh contains a tangy mix of sourness and sweet taste. Large commercial plantations are available in tropical Australia.
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Planting is done at a spacing of 30 feet each between rows and plants and unlike Mangosteen it survives well even in the absence of any special care except providing sufficient shade during initial three years. Beyond that shade has no bearing upon either growth or yield. The root structure is sturdier and wind resistant in comparison to Mangosteen. The ideal climactic factors include 18-38o Celsius atmospheric temperature, moist soil, annual rainfall exceeding 150 cms and minimum 80 rainy days a year and 50-85% relative humidity.

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