Rambutan Binjai
Indonesian Rambutan
Rambutan Binjai

Rambutan Binjai

Home to Indonesia, Rambutan Binjai is the most widely cultivated variety in its homeland. High yield is the most attractive feature for which this variety is famous. Attractive red colour for the rind as well as the hairs, spherical shape and shelf life of 3-4 days for the fruits. Recommended for commercial cultivation like other varieties. The aril is comparatively firm and less juicy. Sweetness 22 degree Brix.
  • Plant Size :
  • Price :375
  • Fruiting Time : 3 yrs
  • Quantity :
Total: 375
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Planting method
Raised bed
Pit size
3x3x3 ft dimension
Canopy width
35 ft
Canopy height
Late July to early September
Shade tolerance
Very low
Ideal location
Suited for most areas, except in sandy soils and higher elevations with low temperature

Ideal growing conditions:

22-38 degree C
1500-2000 mm
Relative humidity
75-90% RH
Soil pH
5.5 to 6.5
Laterite and sandy loam soil
0-800m AMSL

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