Rambutan N18
Malaysian Rambutan
Rambutan N18  bunch
Fruit Bunch
N18 fruit harvest
N18 fruit harvest
n18 plant 3rd year old
3rd year old plant
Rambutan N18
Rambutan N18  bunch
N18 fruit harvest
n18 plant 3rd year old

Rambutan N18

Originated in Malaysia. Robust growth and consistently high yield observed in Kerala, hence ideal for commercial cultivation. Fruits are large in size, ovate in shape, outer skin and hairs red in colour, the fleshy portion wrapping the seed is translucent in colour. Sweet in taste with a slight mix of tanginess.
  • Plant Size :
  • Price :475
  • Fruiting Time : 3 yrs
  • Quantity :
Total: 475

Even during monsoons the fruits show a sweetness of 20-22 degree Brix. Post harvest shelf life of five days in normal room conditions. Even after ripening fruits stay safe on the tree for up to 20 days. Fruits typically weigh 40-55 gms, and the fleshy portion easily peels off from the seed. N18 is rich in anti oxidants and is a dependable source of carbohydrates and nutrients.

Planting method
Raised bed
Pit size
3x3x3 ft dimension
Canopy width
35 ft
Canopy height
Late July to early September
Shade tolerance
Very low
Ideal location
Suited for most areas, except in sandy soils and higher elevations with low temperature

Ideal growing conditions:

22-38 degree C
1500-2000 mm
Relative humidity
75-90% RH
Soil pH
5.5 to 6.5
Laterite and sandy loam soil
0-800m AMSL

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