Rambutan Rongrien
Thailand Rambutan
Rambutan Rongrien

Rambutan Rongrien

Native to Thailand. Fruits are comparatively large in size, colour is green in the beginning which later changes to yellow, orange and ultimately to red on maturity. Even when the skin turns red, the tips of hairs retain a green hue. The edible fleshy area is rather firm and less juicy. Harvested fruits remain intact in room condition for up to four days. Average weight of a fruit comes to 50 grams.
  • Plant Size :
  • Price :375
  • Fruiting Time : 3 yrs
  • Quantity :
Total: 375

Planting method
 Raised bed
Pit size
3x3x3 ft dimension
Canopy width
35 ft
Canopy height
Late July to early September
Shade tolerance
very low
Ideal location

Suited for most areas, except in sandy soils and higher elevations with low temperature.

Ideal growing conditions:
22-38 degree C
1500-2000 mm
Relative humidity
75-90% RH
Soil pH
5.5 to 6.5
Laterite and sandy loam soil
0-800m AMSL

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