Dragon fruit Red
Red pitahaya fruit
Dragon fruit Red

Dragon Fruit Red

Botanical Name : Hylocereuspolyrhizus / Origin : Southern Mexico and Central America. / Planting material : Rooted Cuttings / Fruit Type : berry / Size : 300- 500g / Shape : Oblong / Colour : Red-fleshed; / Rind -red / Taste : Sweeter than white fleshed variety / Shelf life : good / Brix : 21 degree Sweet / Fruit season : June –September.
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Planting Maintenance
Planting method
Raised bed/ trench - Pole supported with 4 cuttings
Maturity Signs
fruit maturity could be optimized with the change of fruit epicarp color from green to red.
full sun; tolerate some shade; extreme sun can also cause sun burn
Soil type 
well drained fertile soil and also in other soil types to some extent.
22 to 34 degree c
Relative humidity
0 to 1500 ft
1100- 2500 mm
10 x 10 ft
Irrigation : Approximately 2-4 liters of water weekly twice per plant is sufficient during the summer/dry days. Water requirement may increase or decrease depending upon soil, climate and plant health.

Training & Pruning : The Dragon fruit plants are fast growing vines and produce more thick dense of branches during the initial stage. The lateral buds and branches should be pruned to grow towards stands. Once vines reach up to the top of the stands the branches are then allowed to grow.

Regularly prune the plants to obtain an open and manageable umbrella shape canopy which will induce new shoots for the next cropping season

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